Editorial work

In my view, we need to keep asking ourselves whether the publication culture in economics is still reasonable. Recently, the editors of Econometrica, Quantitative Economics, and Theoretical Economics have issued a statement in which they make some remarks and suggestions. I am very sympathetic.

I am a proponent of reproducibility, in line with my involvement in the Tilburg Science Hub initiative. And I'm very much in favor of applied relevance of theoretical and methodological work, in a very broad sense.

For this reason, I happily agreed to serve as the deputy managing editor of The Econometrics Journal. Right now, I'm serving my second and final term until April 2023.

Three defining characteristics of the journal are applied relevance, that papers are short, and that the replication packages are checked before publication.

In fact, I was involved in developing the procedures for the checks, which have also been adopted by our big brother, The Economic Journal, and are now conducted centrally for both RES journals.

Besides, I am ssociate editor of Empirical Economics and the Review of Economics, and was editor of a special issue of Information Economics and Policy on current regulatory issues in media and entertainment markets.